Three Little Habits You May Not Realize Are Bad For Your Septic System

When your septic system is working properly, you should not even notice that it’s there. Unfortunately, the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” holds up in this case. When your septic system is behaving itself, it’s easy to end up developing habits that are not so good for the system, and then eventually the system will act up. Don’t wait for the system to malfunction in order to change your ways.

An Easy-Peasy Guide To Making It Through A Septic Tank Installation Project

As a homeowner, there are a lot of projects you will face throughout the lifetime of your home, but one that will be perhaps the most trying is a septic system installation project. Even though modern septic systems are designed to last almost as long as the house itself, if you live in an older house, septic system installation is something that you could be facing. To keep your sanity in tact during such an ordeal, there is an easy guide you should remember if you are planning an upcoming septic system replacement or installation project at your house.