Now Would Be A Good Time To Add A Dumpster For The Holidays

Do you buy your first investment rental property this year? Is it an apartment building with several residents? If so, now would be a good time to rent an extra dumpster to place on your property for the next month or so. Your residents are going to be discarding a lot of trash over the next few weeks, and if they have only the regular dumpster to use, that one's going to overflow so quickly that you may get nasty notices from the city or company that picks up that trash. Instead, rent another dumpster and have the rental company pick up the trash from that a couple of times per week. The extra room will keep your property looking beautiful while your tenants deal with holiday materials.

Different Sizes Are Available

Rental dumpsters can be small, like the ones you normally see by apartment buildings, or they can be of a few other sizes, including very large. For your property, one or two of the smaller type might be best; you can temporarily label them as trash dumpsters (as opposed to recycling) so your tenants know it's OK to throw trash in them.

Of course, you could also use the dumpsters for extra recycling space, too, but you'd have to ensure that the rental company would pick up material like that, dispose of it properly, and provide signs that alerted tenants to what could be placed in those dumpsters. Unfortunately, people aren't always cognizant of where they're throwing out trash. Many times, if it looks like a trash dumpster, they'll throw trash in it, even if it's labeled for recycling.

Extra Dumpsters Reduce Litter

Between food waste that isn't going in a compost pile, package wrappers, gnarled wads of tape, and unrecyclable categories of plastics, a regular dumpster can get overwhelmed pretty quickly. However, people aren't going to let bags of trash sit in their apartments as they wait for the next trash day, so they'll likely place the trash on top of the already growing heap or in a pile next to the dumpster. That can block parking spaces, invite rodents, and make it harder for the actual garbage truck to access the dumpster.

But with an extra one or two available, people will have ample room for their trash. Plus, these dumpsters will likely be in another part of the property, making it easier for those who don't live close to the regular dumpster to throw things out.

You're not going to be able to block the regular dumpster, and typically, those are in areas that are fairly cramped. So, the additional dumpsters will have to go in other spots. You have a chance to really make trash disposal convenient for all of your tenants. In fact, you may want to consider renting extra dumpsters past the holiday if it turns out your tenants like that convenience.

Talk to a dumpster rental company, such as ESP Dumpsters & Waste Services, to see what their terms are and what amount of space you'd need. While this might seem like extra work on top of what you already have to take care of, renting these dumpsters for the holidays will make your life so much easier.