Cleaning, Maintaining, And Protecting Your New Stamped Concrete Walkway

Now that your new stamped concrete walkway has been installed, it is very important that you regularly clean and maintain it. Additionally, there are some things you should do to preserve the surface so that it stays looking new for years to come.

Follow this procedure to properly clean, maintain, and preserve your beautiful new stamped concrete walkway:

Cleaning Stamped Concrete

When your stamped concrete walkway was installed, the concrete was poured, stamped with the design, and then after it dried a special sealant was installed over the top. The sealant is what makes your concrete resistant to water and staining.

Freshly installed stamped concrete needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt buildup in the stamp marks. Your outdoor walkway can be hosed off with a garden hose to clean it. Using a power washer can damage the concrete, so it is best to use a garden hose with a sprayer attachment installed on it.

If the concrete surface begins to look dull or soiled, you can clean it using a solution of dish detergent and warm water. Place a teaspoon of dish detergent into a bucket of warm water and pour it in a line along the center of your walkway. Using a natural-fiber push-style broom, scrub any excessively dirty areas as you move the water off of the walkway. Dishwashing detergent will not damage your landscaping and is not toxic to your plants in small doses.

Once the walkway is clean, rinse away all of the soapy water and your concrete will look like the day it was installed. 

Maintaining Stamped Concrete

To maintain the waterproof and stain-resistant properties of your walkway, the concrete needs to be stripped and re-sealed every few years. You can use a natural citrus oil stripping product that is made specifically to remove the sealant from stamped concrete surfaces. Apply the stripping product as directed on the package and then rinse the concrete well to remove any of the remaining cleaner.

Apply a new layer of sealant to preserve the concrete and prevent future stains or damage.

Preserving Stamped Concrete

You can also take the following steps to preserve the concrete of your new walkway:

  • immediately wash off pool chemical or fertilizer spills
  • never use area rugs on top of the walkway
  • use felt pads on the bottom of all patio furniture 

In addition, if your walkway is in a high-traffic area, then you should seal it more often to ensure the sealant layer is thick enough to prevent staining.

For Additional Assistance

If you have any questions about how to care for your new walkway, you should contact the concrete installer or professional concrete sanitation service like W C Lowery Inc in your local area.