Key Tips To Avoid Stressing Your Septic System

Your septic tank needs to be pumped out from time to time to keep the system in good working order. Of course, you want to avoid stressing your system to the point that it needs pumping out more than necessary. This article looks at some effective ways to keep the intervals between pumpings to a minimum. 

Garbage Disposal 

Many home connected to a municipal waste system have a garbage disposal and never run into any problems. For homeowners with a septic tank, however, the situation is somewhat different. Many types of waste that a municipal drainage system can easily handle cause problems for a septic system. This typically includes household trash such as ground foods, cooking fats and eggshells. These types of solid debris can harm the delicate process that breaks down the waste material inside the septic tank. The best plan for septic tank owners is to not use a garbage disposal at all and to dispose of kitchen scraps in another manner. 

Hot Tubs 

Does your home have a hot tub or a whirlpool? In that case, you want to avoid releasing the waste water from the hot tub into your septic tank. Hot tubs and whirlpools hold large amounts of water, which can overwhelm your septic system. This might require you to contact a septic tank professional to resolve the issue. To deal with this problem, make certain that you drain the hot tub waste water to an area of your landscape that is far away from your septic tank and drainfield. 

Water Softener 

Some homeowners use water softeners to improve the quality of the water coming into their home. This can present a problem to your septic system in some cases. The brine created by water softeners can place excessive stress on septic tank system. The brine interferes with the process of breaking down waste material in the tank itself, which might increase the possibility of more frequent tank pumping. 


Another way to avoid putting too much stress on your system is to use the proper type of laundry detergent. Use a liquid detergent rather than a powder. Powders might contain substances that can clog your tank. Also, avoid using excessive amounts of detergent when you wash a load of clothes. 

Having your septic tank pumped is needed on occasion, but is also costly. Follow the tips listed above to avoid having to pay for this maintenance task any more often than you absolutely must. If you're not sure whether your tank is in need of pumping, have a septic company like The Outhouse come out and look it over for you.