Four Yard Chores and Dealing with the Waste That Gets Left Behind

If you want to do major changes to your landscaping, there may be a big mess ahead of you. Doing things like cutting the grass may only produce a minimal amount of debris that are easy to get rid of. Other things like pruning shrubs and tree removal can produce a lot of waste that is hard to deal with. Here are some tips to help you deal with those tasks that produce a lot of waste material:

1. Dealing with Waste from Trimming Tall Shrubs

For one reason or another, there may be tall shrubs that you want to deal with.  Trimming shrubs can create a lot of waste. This is especially true for evergreens with high growth rates. You can mulch these materials and use them for compost. You will want to make sure that the compost is mixed with other organic materials. Adding coffee grinds can help improve the compost. Another option is to use the mulch as a cover beneath the shrubs to degrade naturally, or you can have it hauled away.

2. Tree Removal and Removing the Waste

Trees around your home can be another waste problem that you have to deal with. When you have them cut down, there are going to be branches, trunks and other debris. You can use this material for things like firewood and mulch. Some tree services will chip the materials for you, and you can use some for firewood or other purposes and have extra material hauled away with other yard debris.

3. Replanting Landscaping and Getting Rid of Old Plants

When you want to redesign your landscaping, there are likely going to be some plants to remove. Small plants and debris can be good to add to your compost pile. If there are any large plants that you need to remove, you can mulch them to have the waste hauled away with your yard debris.

4. Dealing with Debris When Replacing Old Landscaping Structures

Landscaping structures that you are going to replace can also produce a lot of debris. Synthetic materials like metal, concrete, and plastics will need to be taken to the landfill. With wood materials, you may be able to make wood chips for use in your yard or have the material hauled off with other organic yard waste. Materials that have chemical treatments, such as old railway ties, will need to be disposed of properly and not with the yard waste.

These are some things that can be done to deal with landscaping chores that produce a lot of debris.  If you have more than you can handle, contact a yard waste removal service like Atomic Roll-Off to have the materials hauled away.