Figuring Out What Is Causing The Pooling In Your Yard

When you have water pooling in your yard, you need to figure out what is causing the problem. Unfortunately, pooling water can be a sign of a larger issue, which is why you need to research possible causes and solutions for this problem.

Sewage Leak

You want to determine if the main sewage line for your home is the problem. When sewage leaks from a drainage line or a septic tank, the result is a water-like substance that pools in your yard. In many cases, this substance may not have a distinctive smell like ammonia or sulfur, which is what some people think sewage should smell like.

Instead, the substance is discolored water that settles in your yard. Another clue that the pooling is from your sewage system is that your home's drain lines are moving very slow. Many leaks are caused by blockages in the line, which loosen the seams of the pipes and then they start to leak sewage into your yard.

A sewage company can help determine if this is your problem by placing a camera down into the line. They will look for broken portions that are allowing the sewage to leak into your yard. If a problem is found, the company can repair the line, which should stop the pooling.

Drainage Field Issue

However, if the company does not find a broken line and you have a septic tank, they will want to make sure that your drainage field is not the problem. When the drainage field fails, the excess water can flow up towards the surface of the field.

To determine if this is the case, a septic tank company will introduce a chemical that is red or yellow into the sewer line. This chemical will take some time to work through your entire system and exit into the drainage field. You'll know that the drainage field has an issue if you see the color show up in the pooling in your yard.

If the drainage field is the issue, then the septic tank company will need to investigate further to determine the cause of the problem. For example, the valve that controls the flow of water into the drainage field may be broken, which would cause a buildup of fluid to leak into your yard. Unfortunately, until the septic tank company has a good look into the system, they will not know the exact cause of the leak.

When you have water pooling in your yard that does not seem to go away, it is a great idea to look into potential causes. By determining the root of your problem, you can deal with the situation and repair any problems before the pooling and sewage line issue gets any worse. For more information, contact a professional like those at E & F Septic Tank.