3 Must-Have Rentals To Protect Your Home During A Renovation

Are you about to start a major renovation on your home? If so, you're likely very busy right now choosing materials and designing the finished product. However, you should also take some time to plan your work site so that you keep your house protected during the renovation process. A construction site usually involves a lot of activity. You could have trash or other debris from demolition. You might have workers tracking dirt around your house. It's important that you plan for all this activity so your renovation doesn't result in collateral damage. Here are three important items you can rent to keep your site clean and protect your home:

Portable restrooms. Depending on how extensive your renovation is, you may have a large number of workers at your house on a daily basis. Just like in any work environment, those workers will need somewhere to use the restroom. But you probably don't want them tracking dirt and construction materials through your home to find the restrooms in your house. Instead, rent some portable toilets to keep outside the home. That will keep the workers in their specific work areas or outside your house and will prevent them walking into other irrelevant parts of the home.

Protective fencing. One of the biggest threats during a home renovation is the possibility that an intruder may be attracted by all the activity. This is especially true if you're not living in the home during the renovation. Young people may use the empty construction site as a place to party. Thieves may enter the site to find scrap metal or tools that they can resell. Any of these intruders could damage your home in the process.

Instead, rent protective fencing to put around your property. The protective fencing will at least provide a barrier to keep out unwanted intruders. You can also put up signs on the fencing that say the area is under surveillance. The combination of sign and fencing should make intruders pause before they enter your home.

Dumpsters. In renovations, there can be a lot of trash and excess debris. That's especially true during the renovation phase. If you don't have somewhere to put all that debris, it could end up in your front yard, killing your landscaping and making your house an eyesore. You can prevent this by renting a dumpster or two and placing them in your driveway. Many dumpster companies will even drop it off and pick it up, so all you have to do is schedule the dumpster's arrival.

For more information, contact a company that rents dumpsters, such as Hilltopper Refuse & Recycling Service Inc/Office Recycling Center. They can help you pick out the right size dumpster, and they may even offer other items, such as the fencing and portable toilets.