Determining How Many Portable Toilets You Need For Your Event: Factors To Consider

If you're hosting an event where you plan on renting portable toilets to accommodate your guests, you may very well be wondering just how many toilets you're going to need based on your estimated guest count. As a general rule, you should have about two toilets available per every 100 guests. However, the actual number of portable toilets you'll need can fluctuate based on a number of factors, so be sure to ask yourself the questions below before you book your portable toilet rental to ensure you are renting the right number for your guests' needs.

Are There Any Permanent Restrooms Available?

Start by considering your venue; will there be any permanent restrooms available there for your guests to use? If so, you can count these as part of your toilet total. Just be sure to check with the venue from which you're renting to make sure that restroom access will be included with your rental fee.

Will Alcohol Be Served at the Event?

If you will be serving alcohol at your event, then it might not be a bad idea to rent out a couple of extra portable toilets; that's because alcohol consumption tends to make people need to run to the bathroom more frequently than if you were serving non-alcoholic beverages, such as water or soda. 

How Long Will the Event Last?

Also, consider the length of your event. If it's a longer event, such as an outdoor wedding reception, do you expect the majority of your guests to stay until the very end? In most cases, people will begin to taper out in the last couple of hours of the event. Therefore, you might consider saving some money by ending one or two of your toilet rentals a little early.

Will There Be More Women in Attendance Than Men?

Finally, consider the makeup of your guest count; will there be pretty much equal amounts of men and women, or do you anticipate that your event will be heavily attended by women? If you expect the latter to be true, then you may want to order an extra portable toilet or two than you think you'll need, as women require individual stalls and cannot simply use urinals as men can.

By keeping these considerations in mind as you plan your event, you'll be able to determine how many portable toilets from companies like Road Runner Waste Service Inc you will need to rent for your guests.