Septic Systems And Drain Fields

Keeping your septic tank in good condition means paying proper attention to your drain field. Even if your septic tank is working well, a problem with the drain field can throw everything off. If you are experiencing problems with your system, you should look outside of the tank.


 Also known as a leach field, a drain field is the area where wastewater from the septic tank is discharged to be absorbed into the ground. The solids are left on the bottom of the tank. The waste water is transported by pipes that release it onto gravel. Eventually, it goes into the soil where it is further treated before entering the ground water. If your drain field is not working correctly, the waste water is not going where it should, which is not good for your home or the environment. 


Drain fields usually fail because they are overwhelmed with too much waste water. This situation causes the field to be waterlogged and can cause a nasty bacterial "mat" to form in the trench. Once this mat forms, water cannot penetrate it, meaning the water backs up and make an unhealthy mess. Noisy, slow moving drains are a sign of this problem along with wet spots in your yard. Sometimes, your drain field becomes clogged because you fail to pump the septic tank regularly. Each system can only hold so much fluid, so if you have too many people in your home or simply use too much water for the size of your septic system and drain field, you will need the help of a professional to correct your problems.


Once the bacterial mat has formed, you do not have many options other than letting the system dry out completely. You may well need to have a new drain field created. Eventually, the first drain field will dry out, so if your second field ever fails, you can go back to using the original one. Still, installing a new field is an expensive endeavor. Before you buy or build a home, make certain that the septic system has the capability to handle your family's needs. Also, practice proper maintenance procedures before you notice any septic problems. If you things begin to stink or gurgle, you are already in trouble.  Check with companies like Rob's Septic Tanks Inc for more information.

Septic systems usually work quite well, but none of them can handle being constantly flooded with too much fluid. Exercise due diligence before you purchase a home with a septic system and then maintain your system properly after you move in.